Stepping into unfamiliar territory, With a recent peculiar history, We exude a scant of euphory, But let’s negate the theory, By labouring in the life factory, To make way for the glory. Allowing the transformation of: The despair to enthusiasm, The loss to gain, The pain to energy & The regrets to purpose, For the engines are revving. Grabbing the opportunity, Set the ball rolling with agility, Growing the capability, Revealing the creativity & Always safeguarding sanity. So start the journey. Continue reading START THE JOURNEY


Knock knock!! I seek some clarity, Should I.. Be angry for not giving us more time? Cry because I won’t see him again? Be grateful for the amazing years I spent with him? Be happy that he’s in no more pain? Be sad that we didn’t have a chance to say goodbye? Or.. Question the choice of time? Sudden change of line of thought, It is written that You knew me prior, Being formed in my mother’s womb, You say You have great plans for me, Plans of hope and a future, You implore me not to fear, For Your … Continue reading FORSAKE ME NOT


In His singleness, Emanates the supremeness, Both of us witnesses, Of all the goodness. The trio, Laid a foundation, For the prevalence of perfection. The seasons, All four in number, Takes us on a journey, Always worthwhile, A reminder of unique creation. Before dear little Phoebe, Accords the abundance, Of divine grace. In the hexagonal, Man’s operational, At times inspirational, Then experiences the completeness, That the Word possesses. All left is to; Seize the new opportunities, And look forward for, The fullness of blessing, As we heed the instructions, Provided in one tenfold. Don’t despair, For your forty days will … Continue reading DIVINE NUMBERS